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A Wikia for the conversion of Frog God Games 'The Slumbering Tsar Saga' into Fifth edition.

Our Goal

The Slumbering Tsar Saga is an epic sandbox setting and mega-adventure by Frog God Games. It is available for Pathfinder and Swords and Wizardry. This site aims to convert it to Fifth edition.

Slumbering Tsar is a 990+ page beautiful hardback book with over half a million words, but we only need to convert the encounters and their mechanics. Working together we can quickly convert the starting town and then bravely explore outwards just like our player characters!

Important Legal Stuff

All data entered must be covered by the Open Gaming License (OGL) see Conversion Guide for more details.

This Wikia is not affiliated with Frog God Games or Necromancer Games and makes no claim to or challenge to any trademarks help by Frog God Games or Necromancer Games.

Latest activity

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